Photographic artist living and
working in Minneapolis, MN.


I currently work on a mix of personal projects and private commissions, selling original collage and photographic prints.

If you are interested in buying or commissioning any artwork please email me at for a complete price list.

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Recently Featured on WeTransfer’s WePresent for an interview and feature.

Handmade Collage

Apertures, wounds, windows and prisms. Sky shimmers like a puddle or a shiver. 

Handmade Collage

The razor mark evident, these gestural pieces aim to elicit the vague shape of memory, real or not.

Handmade Collage

Handmade Collage

Chrome Pretzel
Handmade Collage

The behavior of light waves that carry color and shape to our brains has been a recent obsession of mine. The metal pipes and tubes function as convex mirrors – absorbing the scene around them and reflecting a complex tangle of color and form that is further woven by my physical layering of paper in the studio. I revealed more negative space in a few works for clarity of the compositions. These visual experiments fuel my curiosity of mathematics and all the poetic moments offered by invisible forces around us.

Photographic artist living and working in Minneapolis, MN.

Enjoy the work and do not hesitiate to reach out to for questions or commissions.

All work is for sale, email me for a list of available pieces.

Last updated October 2018. This website is always under construction.

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– Low Contrast, Oxford House, Amsterdam, 2017
– Scope Presents: Sam Hertz and Jack Samels, Spektrum, Berlin, 2017
– Vessels, Wolvenstraat Bar, Amsterdam, 2016
– Juried Show, Rabbithole Gallery, New York, NY, 2016
– familiar.Caves, Wright Museum of Art, Beloit, WI, USA, 2011

- Interview and Feature. WePresent. August 2018.
– Art Feature. Format Spotlight. February 2018.
– Art Feature. Harpers Magazine. Page 17. August 2017. Print.
– Featured on NOICE
– Interviewed on
– Featured in The Steidz Magazine Online
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